Waterford Associates, LLC

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Waterford Associates is a technology-oriented consulting services company.


Managing Partner Bill Dunn created Waterford Business Systems in 1987, providing software development services for small businesses. Following success as an executive with Computer Associates International and Metiom, Inc., Bill restructured Waterford Business Systems to focus on the tasks needed to effectively execute on business and technology strategies. Waterford Associates is more than just a new name - it represents a fundamental change in approach to delivering high quality services.

Bill's years of experience in large-, mid-, and small-firm environments provide him with the level of insight and knowledge needed to manage and transform complex business and technology environments.

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Waterford Associates provides a variety of targeted management services. Focused on client success, Waterford Associates provides skilled services for:

  • Expert Program and Project Management
    Whether a major software development effort or a significant construction project, Waterford Associates provides you with the expert leadership needed to achieve quality, schedule, and cost control.

  • Business Transformation and Turnaround
    Some of the best advice in business turnaround situations revolves around the notion that "You can't save your way to prosperity, but you can spend yourself into the poor house." Waterford Associates helps you balance the need to control cost with sound investment tactics needed for business growth.

  • Startups
    With the evaporation of investment funding, companies are hard-pressed to ensure that available funding is used wisely. Waterford Associates has demonstrated that the tight control of costs coupled with intelligent spending yields positive results in startup situations.