Bear Ceremony

BEAR Badge Ceremony:

Bear DL: When the scout reaches third grade he begins working from the Big Bear book. Just as Akela met the bear with courage, the scout walks the Big Bear trail. On that trail he finds and conquers twelve challenging achievements in the categories of God, Country, Family and Self. He then receives his BEAR badge.

Asst. CM: Would the following scouts and their parents please come forward?

(List boys earning the Bear badge.)

Cubmaster: (scout's name) , you've completed all the requirements for your Bear badge and have moved along the Cub Scout trail. Receive now the mark of the Bear, a blue mark, symbolizing bravery.

(Mark each boy with BLUE face paint.)

Cubmaster: It is my pleasure to award your Bear badge to your parents, who have been your Akela in completing these requirements. Parents, please award this badge to your son and congratulate him on a "job well done."

Arrow Points:

Asst. CM: Today we are pleased to present arrow points to some Bear scouts too. These scouts have continued on the Big Bear Trail earning Bear arrow points.

(List boys earning Bear arrow points.)

Cubmaster: It is my pleasure to award (scout's name) [his gold arrow point, {and}] (quantity) silver arrow points.

Cubmaster: Pack ___, would you please join with me in congratulating these Bears by giving them a "Grizzly Bear Growl" cheer?


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