Bobcat Ceremony

BOBCAT Badge Ceremony:

Cubmaster: My friends, you are like that small Indian boy wishing that you can answer the call of the great ceremonial drum and be members of the tribe. Every boy who joins Cub Scouts, whatever his age, first earns the BOBCAT badge by learning the Cub Scout Promise, the Cub Scout Sign, the Cub Scout Salute, the Cub Scout Handshake, the meaning of WEBELOS, the Law of the Pack, and the Cub Scout Motto "Do Your Best."

Asst. CM: Would the following scouts and their parents please come forward?

(List boys earning the Bobcat badge.)

Cubmaster: (scout's name) , do you see the stars in the sky? That is the constellation Big Dipper and the big star is the North Star. For many years man has used these stars as a guide to show them the way as they traveled. As you join Cub Scouts you are starting a trip. You will experience adventures and excitement, meet new friends and learn new skills. However, as you begin this trip you need a "North Star" to guide you. The "North Star" is Akela ... Akela can be your parents, your den leader, even I your Cubmaster. It is our responsibility to help you along the way.

Cubmaster: (parents' names) , I ask of you, will you accept the responsibility to be (scout's name) 'Akela', to help guide him along the Cub Scouting trail?

Cubmaster: (scout's name) , you've already started your trip by earning the Bobcat badge. Congratulations!

(Present Bobcat badge to parents.)

Cubmaster: (scout's name) , here also is a star for you to place in your bedroom. At night this star will shine, reminding you of your start on the Cub Scout trail.

Cubmaster: Pack ___, would you please join with me in congratulating (scout's name) and welcome him to our Pack by giving him a "Cub Scout" cheer?


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