Ceremonies Galore!

Suffolk County Council held a Pow Wow on Saturday, November 4, 1995, at the Sagamore Junior High School in Holbrook, NY. The Ceremonies Section was run by Bill Dunn scouter@wtrfrd.com and Jim "Mac" McGinnis. Bill is Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner for the Nathaniel Woodhull District and Mac has been working on Roundtable Staff for many years.

Bill had scoured the Internet (especially the Scouts-L library, maintained by Jon Eidson, and the Scouting library at America OnLine, maintained by Pat Skelly). Mac and Bill compiled more than 100 pages of ceremonies, but the Pow Wow Staff only published a few of the ceremonies (to cut down on cost). Disheartened but determined to put the ceremonies in the hands of Pack leaders, Mac & Bill distributed a diskette containing all the ceremonies at the Pow Wow.

Well, the diskette was a huge success! The contents of the Pow Wow Ceremonies Section have been converted to HTML to allow wider distribution. Keep in mind that these ceremonies come from a wide variety of sources. Attribution, where known, is provided. We hope that you can come away with one or two new ceremonies to liven up your Pack nights!

Ceremonies Listing:

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