Bear Ceremony, Why the Chipmunk has Black Stripes

Bear Ceremony
Why the Chipmunk has Black Stripes
by Rick Clements

People Required:

1) Akela (Cubmaster)

2) Baloo (Asst. Cubmaster)


1) Forest Scene

2) Badges (with tape affixed to the card the badge is on)

Akela: Once upon a time, long ago, the animals had tribes and chiefs just like the people. One night, Porcupine sent out a message requesting all the animals to come together for a great council of the tribes. He had a very important matter for them to consider. At the Council meeting, Porcupine stood up to address the animals. His quills quivered and gleamed in the firelight. "I cannot decide," he said, finally. "I cannot decide whether we shall have night or daylight all the time."

Baloo: The bear rocked to and fro on his hind legs, trying to drown out the others by rumbling in a big deep voice, "Always night! Always night! Always night!"

Akela: A little chipmunk who had been sitting on the outskirts of the Council meeting became annoyed. (Chipmunks hate to sit still for any time.) "You can talk all you like," he shrilled out in his tiny, squeaky voice, "but the light will come whether you want it or not. The light will come."

Baloo: The other animals did not pay any attention to him, but went on bawling and roaring and growling until they were hoarse. Chipmunk danced with excitement on the outskirts of the Council meeting shrieking, "The Light Will Come! The Light Will Come!"

Akela: And before the animals knew it, a faint flush had crept up in the sky, and the golden disc of the sun rose above the tree-tops. Could it be possible that it was daylight whether they wished it or not?

Baloo: A shrill voice suddenly piped up from the edge of the assembly. "What did I tell..." "GRRRRR!"

Akela: Chipmunk was gone like a flash through the trees with Bear after him. Chipmunk was so quick that he slipped into a hole in a tree before Bear could catch him. But, just before he disappeared, Bear struck at him with his paw. The black stripes that run down the chipmunk's sides today show where Bear's claws hit him long ago at that Council meeting when the animals tried to decide whether they should have darkness or daylight all the time.

Baloo: Just as the bear left it's mark on the chipmunk. We are here to honor Cub Scouts who have left their mark on this pack. On their way to learning about their self, their family, their country, and God, they have taken part in many activities in the pack.

Akela: Bring these Cub Scouts and their parents forward so I may honor them with the award they have earned.

Baloo: Will the following Cub Scouts come forward with their parents?

(Baloo names the boys who are to receive the Bear badge.)

(Akela hands the badge to the parents.)

Akela: Parents, would you please present the Bear badge to your son? As is our custom, please attach the badge to his uniform upside down, with the tape. Once a good deed is performed, the badge may be permanently attached right side up. The pin is worn by the parents as an indication that Cub Scouting continues to be a family activity.

Baloo: These boys deserve a cheer for their hard work. What could be more appropriate than a bear growl?


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