Bobcat Ceremony, Trail to the Arrow of Light

Bobcat Ceremony
Trail to Arrow of Light
by Rick Clements
People Required:

1) Akela (Cubmaster)

2) Baloo (Asst. Cubmaster)

3) One Webelos Scout

4) One Bear Scout

5) One Wolf Scout


1) Oregon Trail scenery

2) Badges (with tape affixed to the card the badge is on)

(Before the ceremony, Baloo explains to the Bobcats that when indicated, each will walk to the line of Scouts and Cubmaster and shake each person's hand. Akela is standing in front. Next to him are the Webelos Scout, the Bear Scout and lastly the Wolf Scout.)

Baloo: Will the following boys please join me in front?

(Baloo lists the names of the boys who are to receive their Bobcat badge.)

Akela: As settlers moved west along the Oregon Trail, they followed a trail blazed by others who came before them. Just as those settlers followed others on the Oregon Trail, our Cub Scouts too follow others on the Cub Scout Trail.

(Baloo starts first Bobcat along the trail of Cubs.)

Wolf Cub: I have earned my Wolf Badge. Now I'm working toward earning my Bear badge.

(Wolf Cub shakes Bobcat's hand using the Cub Scout handshake.)

Bear Cub: I have earned my Bear Badge. Now I'm working toward earning my Webelos Badge.

(Bear Cub shakes Bobcat's hand using the Cub Scout handshake.)

Webelos: I have earned my Webelos Badge. Now I'm working on earning my Arrow of Light.

(Webelos Cub shakes Bobcat's hand using the Cub Scout handshake.)

Akela: Welcome to the Scouting campfire.

(Akela shakes Bobcat's hand using the Cub Scout handshake.)

Akela: These Cub Scouts represent the trail toward the Arrow of Light, the highest rank in Cub Scouts. No matter where they started their journey, they all started with the Bobcat. You may be called on to travel a trail that other Cubs in our pack haven't yet traveled. When the settlers traveled such a trail, they looked for help from the Indians. When you travel such a trail, your parents and leaders will be there to help you.

Baloo: Will the parents of these new Bobcats please join us at the fire now? I would like to thank the Cub Scouts who have welcomed these Bobcats. They may return to their dens now.

(Hand a Bobcat badge to each set of parents.)

Akela: Please attach the Bobcat badge, upside down, to the left pocket of your son's uniform. Once he performs a good dead, the badge may be attached to his uniform right side up. Pack (number) , let's congratulate these Bobcats with a hearty cheer!


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