Crossover Ceremony

Crossover Ceremony
Jay Bemis

The O/A Ceremonies advisor was the Cubmaster for the Pack. The logistics of the event may seem a bit daunting but the ceremony worked very well.


1) 4 canoes

2) PFDs for everyone going into the canoes


1) Make sure that you comply with the Safety Afloat requirements for qualified life guards.

2) Perform this during the day

3) The four winds and the chief and drummer are the O/A ceremonies team


* The Webelos Scouts have a brief ceremony in which their parents are asked to help them by putting on the PFD.

* The Webelos are then lead to the end of a small pond (200m X 75m).

* The Cubmaster calls to the four winds at the other end of the pond to let the crossover begin.

* The drummer starts drumming, which is how the ceremony team knows it is time to paddle up to where the second ceremony is done.

* The chief and four winds get out of the canoes and perform the brief ceremony.

* The Webelos are then loaded into the canoes and paddled over to where the Boy Scout troop is waiting.

* The troop then has their induction ceremony.

* The entire crossover lasted about 45 minutes.

* The Webelos and parents were awed by the ceremony.

* The four winds are BSA or Red Cross certified life guards.


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